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Please note that all information, images and other content here is publicly available under the GNU FDL terms, which means that anyone can use it. In other words, do not post any copyrighted content!

Our aim is to create a database of fangames with links to useful data outside of here, from the Bulbapedia for example.

New Pokémon will be listed among the old, with the old one's articles linked over from Bulbapedia.

External links will be redirected to from pages non-existant such as Nintendo to either the Wikipedia article or their main site, or we'll simply make them links.

Other bits of Pokemon games such as Trainer types, regions, items, attack and abilities will all be listed together, old and fancreated. Please note that there will be contradictions among region locations and sometimes Pokemon types since each game maker has the ability of creative editing on old Pokemon and of new lands.

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